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Inco Roof® roof tiles are part of a groundbreaking creation of coatings for roofs which consist of leading technologies in materials engineering. Its main component synthetic resin ASA (acrylonitrile, styrene and acrylate) gives outstanding resistance and exceptional durability to withstand severe weather conditions becoming the best option for buildings enclosure such as: residencies, shopping centers, storehouses, warehouses, government and institutional buildings, recreational and sport courts as well as everything related with remodelling of coatings replacement.


Additionally, its fashionable coating makes Inco Roof ® tiles  a must-have component in every project where esthetic and functionality make the difference.


ASA smart resin chemical formulation enables colors to keep their brilliance and avoid crystallization, withstanding weather conditions and aging of sheets.

PVC MIDDLE LAYER is of excellent resistance to corrosion and humidity. Also, it adds high quality anti fungicides and allows products to be 100% recyclable.

ASA OUTER LAYERS are also of excellent resistance to chemical corrosion which provide color quality and durability to products over time.


Over 30 years of optimal service life.

No maintenance costs

Thermal and acoustic insulation.

No corrosion.

Color quality over time.

Lightweight (6Kg/m2).

High fire-resistant.

Impact-resistant up to 90 Kg.

Manufactured under standards

rules: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Satisfied Customers

"After being tired of corrosion on my roof, I found the perfect solution at Inco Roof "

Gustavo Rodríguez



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